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About Caviar

Caviar superyacht on Sydney Harbour with Sydney Tower in the background for Ocean Club Caviar Cruise Day 2 event hosted by Ocean Magazine. Photography by Roman Liebich.

An Introduction

Experience a new level of luxury, class, and history onboard Caviar. Based on Sydney Harbour, our cutting-edge 34m motor yacht is equipped for pure opulence, offering guests an unparalleled experience that connects them to Caviar's exquisite past. With a unique history that will fascinate anyone; from corporate events to family getaways, you can immerse yourself in the abundant past of the yacht.


But it's not just about history - the yacht also boasts modern amenities such as a rooftop bar and jacuzzi to create unforgettable memories. At Caviar, we combine rich history with modern amenities to provide the ultimate chartered event experience for our clients. Treat yourself to an experience of a lifetime and immerse yourself in the grandeur that is Caviar.

Front on image of Caviar superyacht on Sydney Harbour.

Vessel Specifications

Caviar was built in 1955 by Samuel J. White. If you're eager to know a little more about this luxury vessel, take a look at her specs below.

Maximum Speed
15 knots
Cruising Speed
8 knots
Twin Cummins K-19's
Samuel J. White
2 VIP suites, 6 double suites
Gross Tonnage

A Rich History

Step aboard Caviar and you'll not only experience the height of luxury, but also be transported back in time to a rich and fascinating history. Originally launched as a Minesweeper named HMS Wintringham M2777/IMS77 in England in 1955, the yacht has since had a colourful past. In 1966, she was transferred to the Australian Royal Navy, and two years later arrived in Sydney as deck cargo on a merchant ship. The yacht was later converted into a diving tender and renamed HMAS Seal (DTV1001/Y298) before being decommissioned and sold into civilian service. Renovated and renamed JB, then Wolf, and finally Caviar, this historical vessel is now an experience of pure luxury.

At Caviar Cruises, we are proud to maintain and promote the superyacht's unique history, and we invite you to step onboard and immerse yourself in the decadent past of this remarkable vessel. Well-appointed with opulent amenities, your journey on Caviar will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Our Chief Crew

At Caviar Cruises, we pride ourselves on our exceptional staff who are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate luxury yacht experience. Lead by our Chief Crew, who have extensive knowledge and experience in the luxury yacht industry, our crew are passionate about delivering personalised service, attention to detail, and ensuring your every need is met while onboard. From expertly prepared gourmet cuisine to organising unique onboard experiences, our crew will go above and beyond to make your journey on Caviar a memorable one.


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Step Aboard

Whether you're planning an exclusive event or seeking a tranquil escape, Caviar Cruises promises a voyage beyond expectations. Embark on this visual journey and discover the beauty of life on the water.

Book your Caviar experience now

Are you ready to book your next chartered event onboard Sydney's very own Caviar superyacht?

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