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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many guests can I have on board?
    Caviar Cruises can accommodate up to a maximum of 50 guests for chartered events, and 14 guests overnight.
  • What shoes should I wear?
    To preserve the pristine condition of our superyacht and ensure the comfort of all guests, we kindly request that shoes are not worn onboard. We provide soft-soled shoes and slippers for your comfort.
  • Can we extend our time during the charter?
    If you wish to extend your cruise time, you will need to give 2 hours of notice prior to the end of your agreed charter time.
  • Where does the boat cruise to during my event?
    Depending on the weather conditions, we'll navigate to some of the most picturesque locations, from hidden coves to iconic landmarks around the greater Sydney Harbour and down its stunning rivers.
  • Can we have corporate branding throughout the boat?
    Yes, most definitely. Please let us know what corporate branding you have in mind when booking with us.
  • Is the boat child friendly?
    Yes, although we do recommend that all children have parental supervision.
  • Does the boat still go out if it’s raining?
    Yes! Don't let a little rain dampen your plans for an unforgettable event aboard Caviar. Thanks to our wet weather covering, our vessel is equipped to handle all kinds of weather conditions, allowing you to continue your celebration in comfort and style.
  • Are guests permitted to smoke on board?
    To ensure the comfort and safety of all guests, smoking is only permitted in designated areas on our superyacht. Please ask our friendly crew for assistance in finding these areas, and we'll be happy to help.
  • Which wharves do you use for picking up and dropping off guests?
    Caviar Cruises only picks up from Elizabeth Macarthur Bay Public Pontoon (Pyrmont) and Rose Bay Floating Pontoon.
  • What time does the boat arrive at the wharf?
    The boat will arrive at the wharf just before the requested pick-up time.
  • How long does the boat stay at the wharf?
    Wharf bookings are for a maximum of 15 minutes. All guests must embark or disembark the boat at this time.
  • What embarkation time should I tell my group?
    We know how important it is to make the most of your time on board Caviar, and arriving early can help ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. We recommend advising your group to arrive 15-30 minutes before your scheduled departure time, allowing plenty of time to board and settle in before we set off.
  • Can we have more than one pick-up and/or drop-off point?
    Absolutely! We're happy to accommodate any special requests you may have for your event. To ensure that we're able to accommodate any additional pick-up and drop-off points, please let us know prior to the day of the event and note that an additional fee of $200 will apply per wharf.
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